There are 2 main benefits for the current Hi-Precision integration:

  • Get 5% off your bill (imaging and blood tests) - *Limited Time*

  • And the results are synced back to your doctor when Hi-Precision uploads it from their end and a copy is also saved in your NowServing account. This means the results are sent faster to your doctor. 

Getting Started:

What will you see and how do you use it in NowServing?

  • In your Files tab, you will see the Lab Request that your doctor has sent to you.

  • Tap on the red "Press to Get Coupon" button to submit your request to Hi-Precision.

  • Once done, you will see a Confirmation page similar to this image below. This means that the form has been submitted to Hi-Precision.

  • You can choose to tap the Save Screenshot button if you want to save a copy in your photo gallery

Tapping the Services tab, you will see a dedicated "Ongoing" thread where all pending submissions are saved if ever you want to refer to it again.

Going to the Hi-Precision Branch:

  • Please show the confirmation page to the concierge at Hi-Precision to be able to use the promo and this is how they will be able to send back your labs to the doctor directly as well.

That's it! 


  • The results, once uploaded by Hi-Precision, will show up in the Files tab.