I booked with a doctor last week but I want to change the mobile number where I receive notifications from my doctor. 

I tried to change the mobile number by tapping the "Gear" button at the top right of the NowServing app but it did not change where I get the notifications.


The NowServing "account" is basically used to login and hold profiles.

In case you want to login in other devices or on the computer, you can use this same account and see all the messages/appointments and documents you have received previously. If you change your mobile number there (Gear button at the top right of the NowServing app) it will only change your login number.

Under the NowServing "account" are "patient profiles"

The NowServing app was built to be able to handle situations specifically for guardians/parents.

The NowServing app can handle multiple patient "profiles" and each one is linked specifically to your doctor's records.

Once you book with the doctor initially, the details you submitted are stored in the doctor's account. 

Everything related to the specific patient "profile", such as the first/middle/last name, birthday, gender, contact number, email address, address, are ALL STORED inside the doctor's account. 

To secure your data, patients are not allowed to edit stored records in the doctor's account

The doctor's records houses the contact details where the notifications are sent.

Updating the contact number and email inside the NowServing account DOES NOT automatically update your previously submitted details to the doctor. This is to ensure security for your data and the clinic can manually vet before updating the records on their end.


Please send a message to the doctor to request to update the details you want.

  • Tap Messages at the bottom right of the NowServing app and let the doctor or the clinic staff know. 
  • They will verify with you and update the record on their end.

For eg. If you submitted a booking with a spelling error in your last name, which shows in the generated prescription, please send them a message about the error. Once they update the spelling, they will need to resend the prescription to generate a new one with the correct spelling.