Home Page

  • The Home page is where you can easily see your upcoming appointment. If there's an appointment, you will see it at the top of the Home page.

  • You have easy access to the search bar to quickly search for a doctor you'd like to book an appointment with.

  • You can also explore how to book a doctor and how you can order your medicines by scrolling down.

Please keep your NowServing app open during the expected schedule. You will also receive an SMS as well as a push notification when your doctor starts a call. 

You will see a familiar screen like this once your doctor starts the call. Tap the Green button to answer the call.

If you accidentally press the red button, you will see this area at the top, so you can quickly join your doctor in the call. 

Doctors Page

The Doctors page consists of three tabs:

1. Consultations Tab

  • The Consultations tab is where you can see all your consultations (pending, accepted, rejected, finished)
    • A green calendar with check = The consultation has been accepted
    • An orange circle with ... = The consultation request is still pending
    • A red X = The consultation was denied/automatically cancelled
    • You'll also see a faded card showing "Book Follow Up Consultation" for finished consults.

2. Find A Doctor Tab

  • This tab will help you search for a doctor either by specialty, hospital, or HMO.
  • You also have easy access to a list of common conditions and services that you may need. 

My Doctors Tab

  • This tab contains the doctors that you already had a consultation with. Doctors you have existing relationships with.
  • You can easily book an appointment with them without having to search for them again.

Services Page

  • For now, the Services tab offers two services: Pharmacy Orders and Diagnostic Tests such as getting a home service COVID PCR Test

Ongoing Tab

  • The Ongoing tab shows you your current or ongoing services.

Past tab

  • This tab allows you to see your lab tests that are done. 

Files Page

  • The Files page has 3 tabs:

All Files

  • This contains all the prescriptions and lab tests that you have.


  • This tab contains all your prescriptions from your doctors.

Lab Tests

  • You can see all your lab tests and test results on this tab.

Messages page

  • The Messages page contains three tabs

All Messages

  • This is where you can see your conversations with your doctor, bills, and other services.

Doctors tab

  • The Doctors tab will show all the conversation you have with your doctor, including the bills.

Services tab

  • The services tab will show you the messages or conversations you have from the services you ordered.

That's it! 

You are now ready to book a consultation. Try it now!