After your consultation with the doctor, they will send you a digital copy of your prescription. Expect to receive an SMS, email (if you provided your email upon booking with the doctor), and push notification on the NowServing app.

There are two ways to claim your starter kit:

  • Option 1: Through the redemption code sent via SMS
  • Option 2: Via the NowServing App

Option 1: Claim your Starter Kit via Redemption Code

You will receive an SMS message, similar to this:

Your Weigh Now PSP Starter Kit is now RESERVED for you at NowServing Pharmacy until Aug 01, 2023. Hurry and Claim it with free delivery!

Click on the link sent by NowServing. You will be redirected to ordering your kit through your browser. Simply follow the details and enter your details for delivery.

Option 2: Claim your Starter Kit via the NowServing App

Under messages, you can view the prescription and claim your starter kit. 

Click Claim Now

You will be redirected to order via NowServing Pharmacy

Input your delivery details.

Once completed, you will be contacted regarding the status of your order.