On the NowServing app, on the home page, click on the search bar icon and search for the name of your doctor. (Note: You may also search by specialty, hospital/clinic, and even HMO.)


2. Once you find your doctor, click "Book Doctor".

3. Choose whether you are going to use your HMO card and then choose the Online Consultation/In Person option and follow the process.

4. Choose date of appointment, then click "Confirm Date".

5. Type the reason for consultation.

6. Input your patient details. (Note: Double-check that your details are accurate.)

7. Click "Continue".

8. Depending on the doctor's settings, you may be asked to pay for the consultation already. If not, your request is now pending on the doctor's side. (Note: on the consultation request screen, you'll notice that the request status is Pending. You'll have to wait for your doctor to accept your request.)

You're now all set! All you have to do now is wait.