If you booked a consultation and already paid through NowServing, your doctor will need to be able to respond and accept your request within their indicated response time guarantee.

1. If your doctor was not able to respond within the response time guarantee (Automatic Refund)

If there's no response from them within their response time guarantee, the request will be cancelled and the refund is automatically processed to you.

2. If your doctor accepted the appointment request but failed to show up

If the doctor did not show up during the scheduled consultation and you paid through the NowServing app, kindly message the doctor first as he/she may have been involved in an emergency situation.

The doctor or the doctor's clinic has the ability to refund from their end

Doctors on the platform are NOT under our employ, so payments are assigned directly to the doctor. 

We will need approval from the doctor before we are able to help with the refund process.

For doctors that are not responding, please fill the refund form and we will get in touch with them. Kindly fill out this form: Refunds Form

3. If your appoint has not yet been accepted by the doctor

You can see the details here as to how to cancel your pending appointment request to get a refund back automatically.

NOTE: If you paid your fee via the NowServing platform, please do not accept refunds if the doctor offers to send it directly. Sometimes, the doctor may be preoccupied with the various things that they have to do and may mistakenly offer this to you. They can refund it fully within their app and there is no need to refund outside the platform using a personal account. We are not able to refund the fee if it is refunded outside of the platform.