Payments & Refunds

Frequently asked questions related to payments and refunds.

How do I use my Senior Citizen/PWD discount?

How do I use my Senior Citizen/PWD discount? During the booking process, if your doctor has set up his/her Senior/PWD rates, you shall see an area at the bottom where you can upload your ID. 

How much is the consultation fee?

Just like a face-to-face consultation with different doctors, the consultation fee also varies depending on the doctor. If you have a certain budget, you can filter the search by clicking the filter icon on the upper right of your search screen. S...

How do I get an Official Receipt for my consultation?

If you paid through the NowServing app we can issue an Official Receipt for the service fee.  Kindly  click here to fill out the form . As for the consultation charges, please request the OR directly from your doctor. Please tap Messages in the ...

How do I get a refund?

If you booked a consultation and already paid through NowServing, your doctor will need to be able to respond and accept your request within their  indicated response time guarantee . 1. If your doctor was not able to respond within the response t...

I already submitted the refund form but I still haven't received my payment back yet.

Paid using a digital payment account If you paid with a digital account such as GCash , the refund should be almost instant or within 24 hours in case their system is experiencing a huge load of transactions. For GCash, please check the Activity...

What Payment Methods are Available?

For online payments through the NowServing platform, the primary payment channels include Paymaya, GCash and card payments via Visa/Mastercard.