Paid using a digital payment account

If you paid with a digital account such as GCash, the refund should be almost instant or within 24 hours in case their system is experiencing a huge load of transactions.

For GCash, please check the Activity tab of their app to see the refunded transaction.

Paid using debit or credit card

If you paid using your debit or credit card, kindly check with your card provider on when the refund will actually show up on your end. 

If needed, we can provide the reference number for the refund transaction that happened between their system and ours.

From our end, we have already processed the refund, but "when" it actually reflects on your end (card statement or bank account) is controlled by your card provider.

We unfortunately are not given visibility by the banks to know specifically if they have posted it back to you.

On average, local banks may take 5-20 business days until it reflects in your card statement or bank account.

Paid directly to the doctor's personal account and not thru NowServing

We unfortunately have no visibility on this. Please get in touch with your doctor directly if you paid via their personal account.